Can neuroscience revolutionise the workplace?

November 9, 2015

Professor Amanda Kirby was invited to deliver a keynote presentation at CIPD’s Science of Human Behaviour Conference on 22 September in London. The conference aimed to raise awareness and look to the future, how neuroscience can revolutionise the way we work.

Amanda, Professor in Developmental Disorders at USW and CEO of DO-IT discussed ‘The future of the workplace – Bringing neuroscience and technology together’. The conference was attended by HR directors and Amanda’s invitation to be a keynote speaker showcases her expertise in neuroscience/understanding of learning and using technology and understanding of neurodiverse adult’s strengths and challenges.

She says “It was an exciting challenge to consider the future of the workplace and opening up opportunities for neurodiverse adults. I discussed that we already have technology we don’t use, and cautioned translating lab findings to the work setting.”

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