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Meet the Team

Academic Staff

Dr Catherine Purcell
Dr Catherine Purcell has specialised in research that explores the link between perception and action in typical and atypical populations, in natural contexts, such as at the roadside, for the past ten years. Catherine is leading this research project, which has been funded by the Road Safety Trust, to develop a virtual reality (VR) innovative game-based road safety education ‘’app”, which will be tested in Welsh primary schools. Catherine’s previous research has demonstrated that ‘egocentric’ software, such as first person games that directly simulate immersion in an artificial world, have a greater likelihood of upskilling children in road safety. This current project will allow children to practice the skills involved in road crossing whilst remaining safely in the classroom.

Dr Mike Reddy
Dr. Mike “DoctorMike” Reddy has studied and worked at several universities, including Durham, Leeds, Manchester and Glamorgan, and the University of Wales, Newport, which recently merged with Glamorgan University to become the University of South Wales. Mike is also a Story Teller, Writer and Broadcaster, and all round Pedagogist, interested in Games, Plagiarism, Social Effects of Technology, oh and Plagiarism. He has, therefore, been instrumental in raising debate over 21st century pedagogy and teaching practices in the UK, reprioritising learning and reminding us that education is something you do for/with students, not at them. After a busy period working on the World’s first Foundation Degree for getting Artists to program, while running the EU funded CalDys2 project aimed at creating computer games to aid children with dyslexia learn English as a second language, with 10 EU partners – Lots of travel, lots of work, no time – he enjoyed some quiet time, before considering his next big project. This will be developing a VR App to enhance the teaching of road safety, funded by the Road Safety Trust (RST). Dr. Reddy is excited at the very real technical problems that will be solved in developing this App to be accessible and effective for young children.

Dr Marius Miknis

Dr Marius Miknis is a Computer Scientist who lectures Computer Games Development at the University of South Wales (USW). Through his time at USW, Marius has worked with Technocamps and Software Alliance Wales, two European funded projects which promoted computing in schools and industry. His PhD research focused on real time use of 3D cameras for medical applications. In his spare time Marius is an enthusiastic rider of fast motorcycles!

Support Staff

Dr Amy Romijn
Dr Amy Romijn is Senior Research Assistant on the project team. She is an early career researcher with expetise in nutrition and mental health, and a passion for applied research. She has worked in the field of developmental disorders at USW since 2016, including working on Catherine’s previous research that demonstrated the potential application of ‘egocentric’ software, such as first person games, in road safety education. Amy is very excited to see the further development of this idea into an app that could be rolled out across the UK and beyond.

Bojan Stankovic

Bojan is a second year student on the BSc Computer Games Development course. In July 2017 he is starting a year-long full-time industry placement at Comtec (Europe) Limited as a part of his course. Bojan is passionate about software development and has an interest in virtual and augmented reality, so this project is of great interest to him and he is very excited about it. In his free time he enjoys photography, drawing and, of course, playing video games.